Autonomous Cleaning Robot CR700+S700

Autonomous cleaning system.

Description of the Adlatus CR700+S700 robot 

With the ADLATUS CR 700 we manage to develop a cleaning machine that works without permanently binding the cleaning staff. The concept is based on the ability of a professional cleaning machine associated with the cleaning performance of a robot, connected with the goal of achieving greater profitability in optimal cleaning results.

Through the simple and easy-to-use interface of the CR 700, it can be easily configured in three steps. After that, the desired cleaning areas can be stored in the robot.

The user interface of the CR 700 is intuitively designed so that the cleaning staff can easily start the robot. The daily tasks of repetitive cleaning, as well as the individual instructions of the cleaning robot are possible. For spontaneous cleaning, the robot can also operate in manual mode easily.

Simple and intuitive

The utility of the CR 700 is simple and intuitive. You can save programs for the cleaning staff, who simply need to start it. After a short briefing, everyone can do it. The start is also possible through smartphones and tablets.

¿Do you need a budget?

Contact us however you want and request all the necessary information about the self-cleaning robot Adlatus CR 700+S700

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